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Important Message from Mouaz Khatib to the Coalition

Khatib says the the danger now threatening Syria is bigger than the revolution and the regime
Important Message from Mouaz Khatib to the Coalition

Former president of Syrian National Coalition sheikh Mouaz Khatib has said he resigned from the Coalition because of his lack of conviction with many of the ideas and mechanisms inside the Coalition and "this lack of conviction increased later".


In a message posted in his Facebook page, Khatib said that he realized that the Coalition has another “deep structure” beside its public one, and that “there are forces acting inside [the group] that use the names of some members as a cover.".


Khatib added that "records of the political and general bodies show how many times I asked for an initiative that may save our country from the collapse it is heading to. The coalition dealt with each of my suggestions with arrogance. The only thing the Coalition has been successful at is a policy of obstruction and crippling, mastered by some members, especially those coming from the Syrian National Council.".


Khatib said it was certain that "the danger now threatening Syria is bigger than the revolution and the regime. There are those who push the Syrian people and land to collapse… and we do nothing because the ecstasy some feel in this war is no less than the ecstasy the regime feels.”


“There is a difference between searching for a political solution that might be refused by the stubborn regime and denying a political solution, leaving Syria to slip into a dangerous freefall that reveals itself day after day.".


"The military solution is a trick both that both the regime and the political opposition fell in to. It will not be achieved unless through the destruction of all Syria and its people. It frightens me to hear what refugee commissions say about the expectations of many millions of refugees to flee the country to neighboring countries! What a horrible and bloody conflict will come to make us feel that all that has happened until now was easy," he continued.


Khatib concluded his statement emphasizing his belief that "negotiations with any party, and despite their possible failure, will be better than the state of coma and vacuum we live in now. We could gain people's rights through politics more than what we could gain through arms, thus we will avoid more blood and destruction".


He asked for "independence in Syrian decision-making, politics, finances and military.”


“This is a moral commitment,” he said, “and anything that may scratch it is something unacceptable and will have the most devastating effects".


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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