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HTS Raises Electricity Fees in Syria Idleb

The electricity company affiliated with HTS in Idleb has raised its fees, according to North Press.
HTS Raises Electricity Fees in Syria Idleb
HTS Raises Electricity Fees in Syria Idleb

Green Energy Electricity Company, affiliated with Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS, formerly al-Nusra Front), raised, yesterday, electricity tariffs by reducing the operating hours in Idleb, northwest Syria.

The company said in a statement published through its media outlet, that it reduced the number of feeding hours, as it became eight and a half hours instead of ten hours at the same price.

The price of one kilowatt is 60 Turkish liras (22,000 SYP).

The new prices were met with popular discontent, as a group of residents protested in front of the electricity company department in the town of Harem, northwest of Idlib, demanding the return of the operating system as it was before.

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The new price came days after raising the fees of domestic, commercial, and industrial kilowatt electricity by 20 piasters, according to local sources.

The company added that the fees of a domestic kilowatt rose to 1.20 Turkish liras after it was one lira, and industrial and commercial electricity was 1.40 per kilowatt instead of 1.20 Turkish liras.

In May, the company signed an agreement with the Salvation Government, the civil wing of the HTS, to deliver electricity from Turkey to Idleb.

Residents and activists fear the company’s domination of the electricity sector and its monopoly, similar to the Watad Fuel Company affiliated with HTS, which monopolized all types of fuel in the region.


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