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How Can an Armed Opposition Victory Become a Victory for the Syrian Democratic State?

Assuming a collapse of the Assad regime is inevitable, how can a victory of the armed opposition forces be the first step in building a free unified Syria, for all Syrians?
How Can an Armed Opposition Victory Become a Victory for the Syrian Democratic State?

Reports have been circulating about the possible collapse of the Assad regime following armed opposition victories in northern and southern Syria, and the defeat of Iranian and Lebanese militias in the Qalamoun region. Despite the fact this collapse not yet imminent, it cannot be ruled out in the event of a regional and international decision to continue providing the opposition forces with adequate support to achieve this goal. Let us assume this collapse is inevitable due to the lack of international and regional willpower to impose a political solution that achieves the aspirations of Syrian people, a solution that contributes to a peaceful transition of power to save the rest of Syria, and also as a result of the impossibility of thwarting the will of the people. How then can the victory of the armed opposition be the first step in building a free unified Syria, for all Syrians?

In order to ensure this victory is the first step on the road to achieving the Syrian dream of salvation from tyranny, criminality and corruption, and to transfer Syria into a pluralistic and modern state capable of a rapid reconstruction and renaissance; the following conditions are certainly necessary:

1. There should be an Arab, regional and international incubator to prevent the forces of religious extremism from seizing control of the country – like Taliban rule in Afghanistan – or allow the Islamic State of Baghdadi to transform our country into a part of his medieval state, with its dictatorial provisions and obscurantist minds of its leaders.

2. The Syrian national forces must work to save the country’s military and political institutions from corruption.

3. Syria’s political class and institutions should adopt a plan of action and a clear strategy, supported by the regional and international powers, in order to give hope to the Syrian people for the country’s reconstruction. Such an effort will require the mobilization of Syrian businessmen to meet and contribute to the development of this plan and express their readiness to invest their money in this reconstruction phase.

4. There should be an inclusive political discourse to reassure all Syrians of different religious, ethnic or political affiliations that the next Syria will welcome all those who desire political participation, away from violence and coercion, by providing temporary constitutions that assure these rights.

These are just suggestions, and they can be subjected to discussion, modification and enrichment through a national dialogue between the military and political representatives of the national Syrian parties, away from sectarian, religious or racial incitement, and in the presence of political and military figures renowned for their vision of a united Syria.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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