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Hope for Progress as Opposition Ties Improve

Coalition and coordination body reach understanding memorandum
Hope for Progress as Opposition Ties Improve

The coordination body has verbally agreed on a six-point document sent by the National Coalition’s office in Cairo. President of the National Coalition Khaled Khoja told Zaman al-Wasl that he informed the Coalition’s members of the preparation for a meeting with the coordination body, while a six-point document written by the political body of the National Coalition has been sent via the Coalition’s office in Cairo.


The Coalition’s president reported that the coordination body has verbally agreed on the document, as the Coalition awaits written confirmation. Khoja mentioned the National Coalition’s decision to initiate steps to meet with the coordination body in order to unite the opposition’s efforts against the Syrian regime.


“As soon as the written agreement arrives, we will form a delegation to find a common solution with the coordination body, which could help in gathering other opposition parties,” the Coalition’s president said.


He refused mentioning names of those in the delegation, and advised against listening to what the media publishes in that regard. Khoja explained that Coalition's political committee would study and review any step the national Coalition takes via frequent feedback.


Khoja considers the meeting, and relationships with other opposition bodies, a vital and essential responsibility of the Coalition to unite all efforts against the Syrian regime. Khoja added that meeting with the coordination body has been a continuation of a long process, dating from before the latest Coalition election.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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