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Hazm Movement Leader Says Mistura Initiative Helps Assad

The movement's spokesman says the goal of the alliance is to topple the regime and prove the FSA are not all terrorists
Hazm Movement Leader Says Mistura Initiative Helps Assad

The Hazm Movement is a moderate military force in the Syrian opposition whose stated goals are to correct the path of the Syrian revolution, to preserve its ideology and stand in the face of anyone who tries to change it.


The movement has nothing to do with the Syrian Rebel Front, but is a separate military formation, according to Captain Khalid Al-Khalid, the military spokesman of the movement.


Khalid explained the movement's position towards the initiative of the international envoy Staffan de Mistura saying the movement refused the initiative because "we cannot separate the city of Aleppo from Syria."


"If there is a political solution, it must include all of Syria," he said.


"The regime certainly will approve it because it is considered a lifeline. The initiative will decrease the pressure on the regime in Daraa, where the rebels are advancing. The regime will also become able to transfer part of its forces in order to create a kind of balance there."


"We, as the founding members of the Military Council of Aleppo met and raised the ceiling on the conditions outlined by Brigadier Zahir Saket, the Chairman of Aleppo Military Council, because we are sure that the regime is maneuvering to gain time and will not approve the initiative. This is what we wanted to prove by these [new] conditions".


Regarding the movement's position towards the visit of Sheikj Mouaz al-Khatib to Moscow, Khalid said: "The opposition abroad is divided. These initiatives will harm the revolution and they only want to impose a political solution, though it may harm the revolution. The Military Council will soon meet Khatib to explain the goal of this visit".


On the possibility of a regime siege on the city of Aleppo, Khalid said the military situation indicates that the regime might be capable of besieging the city of Aleppo.


"We as military forces have prepared a strong defensive plan for such options. If the regime decided to besiege the city, it will face the consequences," he said.


On the movement's position towards the international alliance which targets areas inside Syria, Khalid said: "Our position was clear towards foreign intervention in all its forms since the first strike of the alliance, and we issued a statement at the time. The strikes cannot achieve the goal of the international alliance, and it has become clear that the impact of the strikes has increased the popularity of ISIS. The alliance has achieved nothing so far on the ground, despite the succession of strikes and that harmed the revolution greatly".


As for the qualitative arms provided by America to the movement, he said that America provided the movement with old TAW missiles.


"It did not provide us with real qualitative arms under the pretext of not falling into the hands of ISIS and other extremist groups, though we have provided America with an organized military project".


Khalid stressed that the movement seeks a political and national project and tries to achieve it through the establishment of relations with neighboring countries and communications with the outside world to transfer the real image of the FSA and to show that it is not only armed militias, but organized Syrian military battalions that seek to form a unified national army, and not a terrorist group.


"We now look forward to the establishment of a state of freedom, justice and equality. Our people will govern themselves and we do not accept that one from outside Syria will govern us. Our main goal as a movement is to topple the regime," Khalid concluded.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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