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Halki Meets President Rouhani

Halki relays message from Assad
Halki Meets President Rouhani

Prime Minister Wael al-Halki on Tuesday met President of Iran Hassan Rouhani, relaying a message from President Bashar al-Assad regarding the development of bilateral relations and expanding them to cover new fields that serve the interests of the two countries and their people.


The message also touched on the two countries’ joint will to confront plots concocted by the U.S., Israel, the West, and their pawns in the region which provide material, moral, and military support to terrorist organizations.


During the meeting, President Rouhani expressed thanks for the message and the sentiments it contained towards the Iranian leadership and people, asserting that Iran will continue to stand alongside the Syrian people in the face of terrorism and help bolster their resolve and solidarity with their army and leadership.


Rouhani stressed that global conspiracies against Iran will not dissuade it from continuing its support for Syria’s government and people, noting that those who support terrorist organizations have come to realize that such actions cannot undermine the legitimate leadership in Syria.


Talks during the meeting touched on the growing pace of national reconciliations among Syrians and supporting inter-Syrian dialogue without foreign interference.


Halki thanked President Rouhani for his honorable position towards the Syrian people, leadership, and army, and for his faith in the imminent victory over the conspiracy targeting Syria.


He also asserted Syria’s commitment to national reconciliation and improving the economic conditions of Syrians in parallel with combating terrorism.


During the meeting, Halki said that Syria is moving confidently towards restoring security and stability across the entire country and beginning the reconstruction and recovery stage.


The premier said that the strategic alliance between Syria and Iran bolsters the two countries’ national security, as they stand together in defense for the region’s causes and interests against Western and Israeli plots.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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