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Grenade Attack Injures Shabeeha in Hama Cafe

Regime forces search for assailant after shabeeha injured by grenade attack in city cafe
Grenade Attack Injures Shabeeha in Hama Cafe

A member of the Free Syrian Army in Hama infiltrated a cafe on Abi al-Fidaa street, throwing a grenade at a group of People's Protection Committees members, injuring several in the attack.

Media activist Memati al-Hamwi confirmed the injury of a number of shabeeha in the explosion, claiming the Free Army member managed to escape the area safely.

Regime forces cordoned off the area following the incident, blocking a number of roads, inspecting passers-by and checking identities, while People's Committees carried out the random arrest of civilians.

The city of Hama is renowned for its cafes hosting shabeeha as the city is under full regime-control.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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