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Governor of Rebel-held Idleb Killed Defending South Aleppo

Mudar Hamdoun Abdul Salam dies in a hospital on the Syrian-Turkish border after sustaining serious injuries Wednesday
Governor of Rebel-held Idleb Killed Defending South Aleppo

The Army of Conquest operations room mourned the loss of Mudar Hamdoun Abdul Salam, the governor of Idleb, who was appointed to manage the rebel-held city after its liberation in March 2015.

Enab Baladi’s correspondent reported rebel commander Abu Hassan as saying Hamdoun was born in the city of Binnish in the countryside of Idleb, and was one of the revolution’s prominent figures in the province.

Hamdoun served as director of the Office of Abu Yousef al-Badawi, the former commander of Ahrar ash-Sham Movement in Idleb, and participated in the battle for Idleb, later becoming the governor of the city after its liberation.

With the recent progress of regime forces in the southern countryside of Aleppo, the Movement declared a state of emergency, while Hamdoun was among the fighters attempting to repel regime's ground campaign.

Hamdoun was seriously injured Wednesday, December 17, and later died in a hospital on the Syrian-Turkish border.

Abdul Moneim Zinedine, a Sharia professor with close ties to Syrian opposition factions in the north, wrote on his Facebook page: "Hamdoun was a governor without escorts, guards or secretaries. He spoke to me about his great efforts to rule the city in an institutional way, he told me about his suffering, his successes and ambitions, about his concerns over the southern countryside of Aleppo. He literally said: ‘We will all defend the southern countryside.’"

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