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FSA, Nusra, Protests Against ISIS Extend to Idleb

The Military Council of the Jihadists in Marat al-Numan and the Military Council in Hama issued a statement condemning ISIS
FSA, Nusra, Protests Against ISIS Extend to Idleb

Activists and oppositionists in Marat al-Numan, in the northwest Idlep province have called for the unification of opposition fighters and the release a defected officer kidnapped by the Islamic State of Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) recently.


Meanwhile, rebels in northeast of the country called for the release of a Nusra Front leader, indicating protests against ISIS have expanded to include new regions in the country.


Rebels have accused the ISIS of kidnapping defected Lieutenant Colonel Ahmad al-Soud, the leader of the 13th battalion and a member of the military council in Idleb, when he first visited ISIS headquarters in the northwest of the country.


The Military Council of the Jihadists in Marat al-Numan and the Military Council in Hama issued a statement Sunday asking the jihadists of ISIS “to work to avoid abuses and apply the rules of God”.


The statement that the jihadists of Marat al-Numan and its countryside and in Hama and its countryside condemn ISIS members’ behavior, especially the arrest of fighters and leaders from other factions, including Soud, Brigadier Ahmad Berri and others, taking their weapons and the weapons of the jihadists in other places.


The two parties asked ISIS to “immediately release all the detainees and send them to the Shariah court in Marat al-Numan, as all the jihadist and civil parties have agreed that this court rules according to the Laws of God and has full authority in the areas of jurisdiction.


“ISIS cannot arrest any citizen or take any property without reference to the mentioned court,” the statement said, adding that “We ask you to stop your members from shedding the blood of jihadists, especially after your refusal to negotiate with us to avoid disorder.”


Former member of the Syrian National Coalition, Yasser as-Salim, wrote on his Facebook page: “I hope that ISIS will listen to this statement before accusing the factions of the Free Syrian Army of being related to the Sahwa,” referring to the wetsrn backed militias that fought Al-Qaeda in the U.S.


Nusra meanwhile asked the Shariah Commission and the fighting battalions in Raqqa, in the north of the country, to work to release a Nusra leader kidnapped by ISIS three months ago.


In a statement, Nusra said that “Prince Abu Saad al-Hadrami was kidnapped after he gave up his weapon to ISIS". Nusra accused ISIS of "delaying the release of Hadrami, and we ask all parties to work to avoid shedding of Muslims’ bloods, or Nusra will escalate the situation.”


Activists also accused masked members of ISIS of kidnapping Qutaiba Abu Younis from Aleppo in the north of Syria.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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