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FSA Leader Voices Hope

Commander says Southern Front aims to repeat the recent success of opposition forces in Idleb in their bid to control Daraa
FSA Leader Voices Hope

Commander of the Free Syrian Army, Najem Abu al-Magd, expressed his hope that the next targets of the Hazm Storm military operation would target the regime of Bashar Assad to help the Syrian people towards freedom and independence.

The leader also voiced his support for the Saudi-led operation against Houthi locations in Yemen.

For the seventh consecutive day, planes of the Saudi-led Arab-Islamic alliance continued the bombing of Houthi military locations in Yemen in operation "Hazm Storm”, which was launched last Thursday in response to a call for intervention from the Yemeni president to "protect Yemen and its people from the aggression of Houthi militias".

Turkish writer and political analyst Mohammad Zahid Gul had ruled out in previous statements to al-Souria Net on the possibility of carrying out a similar operation in Syria in the near future, predicting the operation would achieve its objectives in Yemen.

In a statement to Anatolia news agency, Abu al-Magd stressed: "the Southern Front, which includes all the Free Army factions in Daraa, is seeking to repeat the scenario of the city of Idleb”, noting the Front is working in collaboration with other factions to cut supply routes to Daraa before launching an attack on the city.

Abu al-Magd explained that "the factions fighting in Daraa have no intention to expand the military operation towards the neighboring Sweida province in southern Syria, in order to maintain the ties of brotherhood and neighborliness with the Unitarian Druze in the province”, stating that "the regime has repeatedly tried to push the Druze into the Syrian conflict in support of Assad, but the wise people in the Duze community are aware of the troubles of supporting the Syrian regime".

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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