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FSA Leader Assassinated in Turkey’s Antakya

Rebel spokesperson confirms the death of Colonel Jamal Radoun in the southern Turkish city near Syria's border
FSA Leader Assassinated in Turkey’s Antakya

Commander of Suqur al-Ghab (a Free Syrian Army faction), Colonel Jamal Radoun, was assassinated Wednesday in the city of Antakya, Turkey.

Hospital sources in Antakya confirmed the death of Colonel Radoun after an improvised explosive device was placed inside his car near his home in the state of Hatay. Radoun was transferred to hospital, accompanied by a young Turkish man also injured in the blast. According to sources, Turkish police surrounded the blast area and inspected surrounding buildings.

The Director of the General Information Office of Suqur al-Ghab, Mohamed Rasheed, told al-Souria Net: "the assassination of Colonel Radoun will not stop Suqur ash-Sham’s fight against regime forces,” which he accuses of carrying out the assassination.

Rasheed noted that Radoun had already survived an assassination attempt by regime forces because of his "position in support of the Syrian revolution."

According to field sources, Radoun was known for his good relationship with opposition factions and for his efforts to unify the Free Syrian Army. Radoun has recently formed Jaish an-Nasr in the northern countryside of Hama, in an attempt to liberate the province’s countryside from regime forces.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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