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Free Syrian Army Demands Chemical Inspections in Lebanon

Free Syrian Army Demands Chemical Inspections in Lebanon

The joint command of the Free Syrian Army and Revolutionary Forces demand the co-sponsors of the U.S.-Russian- agreement, along with the U.N. Security Council and the Arab League to work immediately to expand the power of the international weapons inspectors.


The scope of the investigation of the Syrian regime's chemical weapons arsenal should be expanded to include Lebanon after we, along with many other international sources learned, through documents and other evidence about the transfer of Syrian chemical weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon nearly three months ago.


Hezbollah stored these chemical weapons in four locations; Mount Sannine, Uyoun Ergch, Jard al-Lemoneh, and in a warehouse near the town of Mushmush, between Hermel and Akkar.


These locations are considered strategic weapons warehouses, which are not subject to the authority of the Lebanese state.


The information provided to us also confirms beyond any doubt that Hezbollah has recently transferred parts of these shipments to different areas in Lebanon, after the disclosure of the process and storage sites.


The need to include Lebanon as part of the international inspection is necessary given the connection between Syria and Lebanon on the chemical weapons file.


The survival of part of Syria’s chemical weapons arsenal, by placing it in the hands of Hezbollah, means that chemical weapons are effectively still in the hands of the Syrian regime.


As such the Syrian regime maintains its ability to resort to the use of chemical weapons and restore or use all or part of what was exported outside the border at any moment it wants and where it wants and however it wants according to developments.


The survival of Syria's chemical weapons arsenal in the hands of Hezbollah also means it retains an ability to kill half of the Lebanese population and threaten the safety and security of the region.


The Russian-U.S. agreement will not be worthy of the ink it is written with as long as part of the chemical weapons – weapons of mass destruction  – in possession of the regime and an organization listed as a terrorist group that is involved in supporting the regime, fighting the Syrian people and occupying parts of their territory in the rural province of Homs.


This is an organization regarded as a basic tool of Iranian regime, which is the primary reason for instability, tension and export of terrorism in the region.


Despite the U.S.-Russian agreement, we are confident that the Syrian regime will not respect nor commit to any pledge and will work fraudulently and deceptively to use the next two months until the end of November (the date of the arrival of the international inspection teams) to manipulate, redistribute and relocate its arsenal of chemical weapons. It will continue transferring parts of them to Lebanon, Iraq and perhaps also other countries.




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