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Former U.S. Official Calls for Implementing UN Resolution 2254 in Syria

James Jeffrey, a former U.S. Envoy for Syria, said the resolution could solve several problems in Syria, according to Rudaw.
Former U.S. Official Calls for Implementing UN Resolution 2254 in Syria

A former U.S. official urged on Tuesday the international community to implement the 2015 UN ceasefire resolution 2254 in Syria.

James Jeffrey, the former U.S. Special Envoy for Syria, believed that implementing the resolution would solve several problems in Syria.

The resolution contains reorganizing the country, setting up a new constitution and achieving reconciliation between the opposition and the Syrian “regime,” Jeffrey said in an interview with Rudaw.

In December 2015, the UN Security Council adopted a resolution endorsing a “Road Map for Peace Process in Syria,” which calls for a ceasefire and settlement of the civil war in Syria between the Syrian government and the opposition. However, the resolution has not been achieved yet.

“The solution to many problems of Syria is for the international community to put more emphasis on the UN resolution from 2015 that called for a reorganization of the country, a new constitution and reconciliation between the opposition in the [Bashar] Assad regime,” Jeffrey told Rudaw.


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