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Foreign Ministry Appeals to UN Following Deadly Aleppo Attacks

Letters addressed to the UN condemn the terror campaign waged on Aleppo, using the United Nations to employ deterrent measures against terror organizations and the countries backing them
Foreign Ministry Appeals to UN Following Deadly Aleppo Attacks

Syria has written to the UN condemning new terrorist attacks that rocked Aleppo city on Monday.

Aleppo witnessed an increase in attacks as terrorists fired a barrage of missiles on several residential neighborhoods in the city, killing 12 civilians and wounding over 30 others, most of them women and children.

In two identical letters addressed to the UN Secretary-General and Head of the UN Security Council, the Syrian Foreign Ministry said the attacks add to a gross track record of crimes committed by terrorists linked to – what a number of countries call – ‘moderate opposition’.

The letters noted that Aleppo had tenaciously stood firm for a year and a half in the face of terrorism, until countries renowned for their hostility towards Syria gave a green light for terror operations.

Wreaking colossal damage in the city, terror organizations in Aleppo killed innocent civilians, besieged them and used them as human shields, while also destroying the city’s health, service, educational and economic infrastructure.

The ministry highlighted the damage to the city’s cultural heritage, citing Aleppo’s Grand Umayyad Mosque and ancient souq, the oldest souq in the world – both torched at the hands of terrorists.

Concluding the letters, the ministry urged the UN Security Council and the UN Secretary-General to condemn the crimes and take deterrent measures, in cooperation with the Syrian government, against the terror organizations and the countries backing them.

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