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Foreign Ministry Denies Changing Damascus Attitude Toward Erdogan

Damascus excluded any rapprochement with Turkey, according to al-Watan.
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Foreign Ministry Denies Changing Damascus Attitude Toward Erdogan

Foreign Ministry sources have denied what is being circulated in the media, quoting the Turkish newspaper Hurriyet, which claimed that Ankara transmitted messages to Damascus before President Bashar al-Assad’s visit to the United Arab Emirates. These claimed messages are related to discussions currently taking place within the Turkish government to exploit Russian preoccupation with the Ukrainian war and seek a new opportunity to create an atmosphere calling for improved relations between Ankara and Damascus. 

In an exclusive statement to al-Watan, the sources commented on the content of the news quoted by Hurriyet from Turkish government sources: “what is mentioned is nothing more than scandalous media propaganda as the presidential elections in Turkey approach. It is intended to polish the image of the Turkish regime, which hit the wall. With all that is dictated by the principle of good-neighborliness and the close relations between the Syrian and Turkish peoples, it pursued aggressive and immoral policies against Syria and its people that amount to war crimes, through its direct support for terrorist organizations that spilled the blood of the Syrian people and through the illegal presence of its forces on Syrian territory to defend these organizations This is in addition to its banditry which affected the goods and history of the Syrians, and its desperate attempts to bring about demographic changes in northern Syria.

The sources added: Syria’s positions are firm and clear, in terms of calling on Erdogan and his regime to respect international law, bilateral agreements, and the principle of good neighborliness. Therefore,  Damascus can not think of any dialogue with the Erdogan regime unless the first step is to withdraw the illegally present Turkish forces located on Syrian territory, stop supporting terrorists, and halt repeated violations against Syrians. 

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Regarding Ankara’s exploitation of Russia’s preoccupation with internal problems, the media commented: This statement confirms the immorality of the Turkish regime and its opportunistic mentality. It exposes its lack of seriousness in implementing its commitments agreed upon with Russia in Sochi and its attempt to circumvent and disavow them. 

Hurriyet published a report on Monday attributing information to unnamed Turkish sources that the Ankara authorities are currently in discussions to initiate a dialogue with the Syrian government, which would restore relations between the two countries. 

“Turkey’s recent balance policy, and Ankara’s role in recent months, particularly towards resolving the war in Ukraine, makes the current timing good for resolving the Syrian problem,” the paper said, quoting its sources. 

The sources pointed out that Turkey, in all its contacts with the Syrian administration, emphasizes three indispensable issues, namely “maintaining the unitary structure and unity of Syrian territory, ensuring the security of refugees returning home, as well as PKK activity”.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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