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Fadel Abdel Ghani Wins Franco-German Human Rights Award

The SNHR president underscored the challenging nature of documenting violations in Syria, according to Syria TV.

The President of the Syrian Network for Human Rights, Fadel Abdul Ghani, emphasized that the German-French Award for Human Rights, while a personal accolade, symbolizes the collective efforts of the organization and its dedicated team. In an exclusive interview with the Syria TV website, Abdul Ghani explained that the German and French diplomatic missions nominate individuals, but the final selection involves special committees. The award, though symbolic, holds significant value in documenting the atrocities committed against the Syrian people.

Abdul Ghani underscored the challenging nature of documenting violations in Syria, describing it as an arduous task that takes a toll on the psychological and social well-being, spanning over 12 years. He dedicated the Franco-German Award to the victims of the Syrian people, portraying it as a tribute to their courage and sacrifices in the relentless pursuit of justice and accountability.

The award, presented annually on International Human Rights Day on December 10, aims to spotlight crimes and violations globally, with a specific focus on the dire situation in Syria. Abdul Ghani lamented Syria’s ranking as the worst country in the world for forcibly displaced people, victims of torture, and those forcibly disappeared.

Highlighting the significance of the award, Abdul Ghani expressed that it serves as an appreciation and acknowledgment of the tireless efforts of the Foundation. He noted that the team, despite facing numerous challenges, continues its crucial work, making the moral support received through the award especially meaningful.

Abdul Ghani shared the profound impact of the award on the team, revealing that numerous messages and blessings received reinforced the importance of the network’s role in documenting the crimes perpetrated by the Syrian regime, Iran, and Russia against the Syrian people. The official ceremony for the Franco-German Award for Human Rights took place at the French Embassy in Doha, attended by distinguished diplomats, including the French Foreign Ministry Ambassador to Syria, Brigitte Curmi, the German Ambassador in Doha, the French Ambassador in Doha, and the United Kingdom’s representative in Syria, Ann Snow. Also present were key figures like the head of the Syrian National Coalition, Hadi al-Bahra, the head of the Syrian Negotiation Commission, Badr Jamous, and various European, Iranian, and Russian diplomats and journalists.


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