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European Union: Brussels Conference Opportunity for Syrians, Position on Regime Unchanged

The EU said only a "credible political process in line with Resolution 2254" could allow for normalization with Syria, according to Syria TV.
European Union: Brussels Conference Opportunity for Syrians, Position on Regime Unchanged

The European Union reiterated its steadfast stance towards the Syrian regime, affirming its commitment to the “three no’s” policy until the initiation of a genuine political process aligned with UN Security Council Resolution 2254.

These affirmations were highlighted in exclusive remarks made by the EU’s regional spokesperson, Luis Miguel Bueno, during an interview with Syria TV. Bueno discussed the current political landscape in Syria and the forthcoming eighth Brussels conference slated for the end of April. 

The European position on the Syrian regime 

Bueno underscored that the EU’s stance remains unwavering, emphasizing that any prospects for normalization with the regime, reconstruction efforts, and the lifting of sanctions hinge solely upon the realization of an inclusive, durable, and credible political process in line with Resolution 2254.

Furthermore, he reiterated the EU’s unchanged position regarding arbitrarily detained, disappeared, and missing civilians, as well as the pursuit of justice for victims and accountability for all parties responsible for violating international law in Syria, encompassing both international humanitarian law and human rights law.

“These principles aren’t mere rhetoric; the European Union has been actively pursuing progress on these fronts for years, utilizing diplomatic pressure, UN-level initiatives, and targeted sanctions against individuals and entities,” Bueno emphasized.

Acknowledging the inadequacy of current international efforts in resolving the Syrian crisis, Bueno remarked, “Indeed, the current efforts fall short. However, even after more than 14 years since the onset of the conflict in Syria, the European Union persistently advocates for placing the Syrian issue at the forefront of the international agenda, despite other crises commanding global attention.”

Eighth Brussels Conference 

Scheduled for April 30, the European Union is set to host the eighth installment of the Brussels Conference on Supporting the Future of Syria and the Region, with the participation of United Nations representatives, donor nations, and Syrian civil society organizations.

In this context, Bueno emphasized the EU’s longstanding commitment to convening this conference annually, aiming to galvanize international efforts toward finding a sustainable and peaceful resolution to the Syrian crisis while bolstering support for the UN Special Envoy’s initiatives.

With nearly 800 attendees expected, Bueno highlighted the evolving significance of the Brussels conference as a platform for robust dialogue among Syrian civil society members (from within Syria, neighbouring countries, and the diaspora), key UN entities and agencies, EU member states, representatives from third-party nations, and international NGOs.

Bueno emphasized that the conference serves as a vital forum for amplifying Syrian voices, reflecting the European Union’s belief in the imperative and ongoing necessity of hearing from Syrians across Syria, the region, and the diaspora.  


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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