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European, Syrian Figures Warn of Disastrous Consequences of Possible Turkish Invasion

The petition warned of a new wave of refugees toward Western Europe, according to North Press.
European, Syrian Figures Warn of Disastrous Consequences of Possible Turkish Invasion

250 European and Syrian figures warned on Tuesday of the disastrous consequences of any possible Turkish invasion of northern Syria, calling for some outstanding issues to be addressed through dialogue.

250 personalities signed a petition to the international community, warning of endangering regional and international security and increasing the risks of global terrorism in the event that Turkey launched any attacks on northern Syria, according to what was published on the SDC website.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said earlier this month that Ankara would complete the 30-kilometre-deep security belt along the country’s border with Syria, as soon as possible.

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The petition said that the area targeted by Turkey has more than 27 detention centers for ISIS militants in addition to camps for their families. These centers and camps are threatened by the loss of security control.

It also warned of a new wave of refugees, whose numbers are estimated at hundreds of thousands, towards Western European countries.

The signatories called on the European Commission, the European Parliament, the UN and the public opinion to put an end to the growing Turkish threats and to prevent any possible invasion of Turkey that would lead to a catastrophe, human tragedy and ethnic cleansing.

They also called for exercising diplomatic pressure on Turkey to stop its escalation and force to respect the ceasefire agreements concluded in October 2019 and resolve outstanding issues through dialogue.

The signatories called for the formation of an international committee under the UN supervision to monitor military movements on the Syrian-Turkish borders and prevent clashes between the two parties.


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