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Escalation Continues in Idleb

Continued bombardments by the regime and their Russian ally have force thousands of families to flee their homes reports Alsouria Net.
Escalation Continues in Idleb

The Humanitarian Response Coordinators group in Syria has documented the displacement of thousands of families from the demilitarized zone in the southern Idleb countryside in recent hours due to bombardments by Assad’s forces and Russia on the area.

In a report issued on Tuesday, the group said that more than 14,186 families (78,113 people) had been displaced from the areas of escalation in the southern Idleb countryside, distributed between 86 towns, villages and camps. Work has been done to count the remaining civilians fleeing from these areas amid severe difficulties as a result of the chaotic security situation, according to the report.

The report added that the demilitarized area, which had been agreed by Turkey and Russia, in the southern Idleb countryside, contained more than 145 villages and towns, in which more than 315,000 people live, amid fears that they will be displaced or killed because of the recent military campaign.

In recent weeks, the southern Idleb countryside has seen a military escalation by Assad’s forces and its ally Russia, which has resulted in civilian deaths.

According to the Idleb Media Center, regime warplanes on Tuesday struck various towns and villages in the area, including the towns of al-Khariba, Urum al-Jawz, al-Haraki, al-Barsa, al-Sarman, and the environs of Ahsam and Muhambal, which killed one person and wounded others.

It added that Russian warplanes on Tuesday struck the environs of the town of Kafr Nubl, south of Idleb, in a violation of the ceasefire announced by the Russians at the end of August.

Assad regime warplanes on Monday carried out a new massacre in the town of Maarat al-Nu’man south of Idleb in an unprecedented military escalation on the area.


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