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Elderly Home Bombed in Russian Strikes on Homs Countryside

Home for the elderly and office for documenting violations among Russian warplanes’ targets in the western province
Elderly Home Bombed in Russian Strikes on Homs Countryside

Russian warplanes yesterday carried out air strikes on the northern Homs countryside striking a home for assisting the elderly in the Saan area, in addition to an office for documenting war violations in another area of the countryside.

According to Al-Souria Net’s correspondent in Homs, Yaarib al-Dali, the air strikes which struck the assistance home destroyed an entire wing of the building which cared for 50 of the original 200 residents of the home, which falls under the regime’s administration.

According to Dali, the home’s needs were delivered by the Red Crescent and included convoys of the regular Red Cross, even though the facility falls geographically in areas outside regime control in the village of Saan in the Homs countryside.

The Russian air strikes wounded elderly people, including cases of amputation, while one person remains in critical condition after the lower section of his body was lacerated.

According to Ahmed, a member of the civil defense which entered the area after the air strike, the air strikes began at 5:00 am. He added that he witnessed dozens of elderly people, including some who were mentally unwell and physically disabled, amid the dust and rubble, and wounded people in a state of panic.

The Red Cross council in Homs announced they were made aware of the matter through the home’s administration and through the Red Crescent branch in Homs, which requested ambulances to remove wounded and especially the severe cases to hospitals that had better care not available in the besieged countryside.

The council said that it was expected to visit the home and prepare a report on the situation and the extent of needs there, but the military escalation in the countryside and the preparation of security approvals could cause delays. They said they would visit the home on Wednesday.

In a related development, according to lawyer Khalid Shanour, who oversees the office for war violations in the Homs countryside, the Russian warplanes struck the office east of Rastan, completely destroying it.

The lawyer said that the office included a number of young law school graduates who came together to document human rights violations in the countryside carried out by the regime and its Russian supporters.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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