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Egypt, Algeria Endorse Political Solution in Syria

Algeria and Egypt affirm their commitment to a Syria that remains united
Egypt, Algeria Endorse Political Solution in Syria

Egypt and Algeria on Monday confirmed their commitment to a political solution, without any foreign intervention, as the only means to resolve the crisis in Syria.


"Algeria adheres to the idea of a political solution which guarantees Syria remains as one country," Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtan Lamamra said at a press conference with his Egyptian counterpart Nabil Fahmi.


He called on all sides concerned to resort to the Syrian people’s will to determine their destiny.


The Algerian News Agency quoted Lamamra as saying that his country is determined to go to the Geneva II conference on Syria and offers all possible efforts to make it a success.


For his Part, Fahmi said that the priority is now to launch a political tract that gathers all Syrian parties to create a specific work plan, adding that Egypt is committed to preserving the Syrian state without any foreign intervention.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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