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Editorials from the Syrian pro government papers

The overtures of Syrian official newspapers dealt with the Israeli aggression on Syria, here are extracts from these overtures:
Editorials from the Syrian pro government papers


The overtures of Syrian official newspapers dealt with the Israeli aggression on Syria, here are extracts from these overtures:


Ali Al- Kasem, the editor-in-chief of government-owned Al- Thawra newspaper, wrote under the headline "Between the Lines of Aggression" an overture saying: "the guilty hand which America allowed presence on its and the terrorists and mercenaries behalf, the criminal and aggressive hand which Arabs longed to see stretched, realizes that it plays with fire and that in its stretch, it starts the fires which will never end, and that who set it and encouraged it and asked it over and over knows that this will not be just playing with the security of the region, but delivering traps all over the world and going into an endless nightfall that will never end at the borders of its wishes and instincts, who never gets enough of the space of stretching maps on the coordinates of its greed.


The new form of Israeli orgy doesn’t need a lot of explanation and interpretation, and it contains what adds to the details what is enough to read the gates it widely opened towards the transformations that will not only change the present equations in the region, but will make an essential amendment in the international relationships with its spectrums of presence and centers of fulcrum, points of clash and turns of confrontation".


Political commentator Mihre Al- Ali wrote in Tishreen newspaper: " The Israeli repugnant aggression on Syrian sites in Gemraya, which caused the death of Syrian citizens, reveals that what is happening on Syrian land is a an American- Israeli war conducted by criminal expiatory gangs which has tight relationships with Zionist enemy, these gangs carry out its aggressive plans targeting weakening the axes of resistance, specially Syria which is considered the last Arabian castle announcing its support for the resistance and its confrontation to the dividing colonial projects prepared for the region…


"This perilous escalation represented by the Israeli aggression on Gemraya, which can lead the area into an open war, comes when terrorist groups couldn't achieve any progress on the ground as the forces of evil and conspiracy dreamt of, but it comes while Syrian Arabic army made major achievements in crushing terrorist groups".


The commentator in government-owned Tishreen Newspaper Muhie Al- Din Mohammad wrote: "The United States of America, who employed the Arabs of the gulf as poisoned knives in the backs of the honest in the region, and employed also Erdugan to bring extremists and terrorists from Al- Qaeda and other expiatory organizations and to throw them to the Syrian lands, couldn’t until now achieve its short-term or long-term objectives which should serve Israel and the American-Israeli project. This has pushed Israel to the military hysteria resulted in its aggression on Syrian people. And if it is by Israeli hands, it assures that those who kill and explode and commit massacres are not more than cheap tools couldn’t achieve what they wanted, thus Israel and America were forced to do the aggression themselves after the failure of the agents.


The question now is: will this aggression pass without punishment? This is what time will reveal, with assurance that the answer will not be for the benefit of the United States or its alliances… as for Israel, which acts aggressively towards Arabs nations since six decades, and addresses threats to all its surroundings, any answer except of uprooting it totally beside terrorism which we have gone far in uprooting it already. As the organized terrorism carried out by Israel is the other side of the terrorism of Al- Qaeda, it is time uproot this multi-faced terrorism".


Journalist Abdul Salam Hegab wrote in the semi-independent Al-Watan Newspaper: "The approach of the summit between Putin and Obama attains and Washington's attempts to delay it in order to minimize the effects of its being held during the Big Eight summit hasn’t had any response from Moscow's side yet. Which means that putting hot international cases in the fridge of waiting is impossible, aside from giving a chance to the possibility of the appearance of unexpected risks that can threaten international peace and security.


The possible question in this context is: does the American political and mediumistic confusion in approaching Syrian crisis reflect the size of political loads Washington has to stand its consequences- because of the political, security and military commitments America has towards Israel firstly, and towards its alliances in its conspiracy against Syria secondly- in order to adopt new approaches that enable it to monitor the tactical rhythm in its policy considering what is strategic? Or does the shown confusion occurs  to express a drawn and intended policy aiming at camouflaging other various scenarios such as marketing for arming terrorist groups in Syria (which America hinted to in more than one occasion), or the questionable investment in the lie of chemical weapons to avoid the political track of solving Syrian crisis and revealing the military solution represented in the Israeli aggression on the research center in Gemraya accompanied by American coordination that doesn’t only abort the Russian-American summit, but also assures the reality of the American-Israeli alliance defending their agents of terrorist groups on the Syrian ground, especially after the victories Syrian army achieved in many cities and regions. Who reads American declarations in more than one occasion realizes that American administration has become the essential side and main engine for the war in Syria.


It became certain that the American administration is insistent on committing the same mistakes and betting on deficient and adventurous scenarios despite the evidence of its failure in more than one place and one way, and it might be useless to remind it of the volume of losses in it conspiratorial project and its agents in Syria, as the Syrian castle led by president Bashar Al- Assad can't be taken, either from inside or outside, and the successes Syria achieves through its people and army both politically and militarily are the best evidence and proof. The light of God over Al- Sham wont abate because of the envy of enviers or the hatred of loathers.



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