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Editorial: The Path to Geneva

Syria says it is ready and open to go to Geneva talks with the opposition but the opposition is not
Editorial: The Path to Geneva

The road from Damascus to Geneva looks clear in vision and purpose since Syria announced its participation in the U.S.-Russian backed conference, and will provide a favorable opportunity for a political solution to the crisis.


Meanwhile, the other side flaps about in chaos and hesitation, undecided between agreeing to attend, setting conditions, or hurling stones, in an attempt to destabilize current efforts and return the situation to its starting place.


The confidence of Damascus and of the Syrian street is clear, and it is accompanied by an acceleration of successful military operations on the ground.  While the Syrian Arab Army tightens its grip on Qusayr, it is gaining ground on the battle for the roads and the highways, and severing the communication lines between the terrorist groups. On the military front, matters look headed towards a swift settlement.


The language on the ground reflects the political situation, and Syria’s cards are ready to be put on the table at Geneva. Everyone is ready to deal with the situation, except the opposition, whose master is still division and competition. The number of the opposition participants constantly fluctuates, increasing or decreasing without any final decision, while their quarrels are still based on the character of the delegates and even their core identity, whether they are secular or Islamic. Everyone is ready except the opposition, whose main quarrel come from inside their own coalition creation, exposing their complete lack of political experience. Everyone is laughing while observing this opposition, that despite being given an unprecedented level of international support, still remains trapped in its own divisions, destroying  the possibility of arriving to Geneva with a unified front.


The case of the external Syrian opposition is strange; They always cry for time, but constantly call for a quick solution, while failing at every test.




Translated and edited by the Syrian Observer


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