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Editorial: Saudi Monarchy is the Mother of All Terrorists

Genveva outcome can only be a product of Syrians themselves
Editorial: Saudi Monarchy is the Mother of All Terrorists

What could happen in Geneva is but a political process and will never be never a surrender of power nor the formation of a transitional government, as the Syrian Information Minister, Omran al-Zoubi has expressed.


Zoubi's message is definitive and crystal clear. The Syrian Government, as mandated by the majority of the Syrian people, is to participate in the Russian-U.S. proposed Geneva II, if it is convened, not to hand over the responsibility for the millions of the Syrians to those whose hands are involved in the shedding of the Syrian blood, nor to their masters and backers.


Whatever change takes place in Syria is only going to take place by Syrians themselves, including the national opposition and supporters of Syria as an independent, sovereign and integrated state. Syrians and only Syrians have the right to change their Syria for the better, not mercenaries, terrorists and cannibals.


Zoubi was in fact speaking on behalf of every honest and patriotic Syrian when he vehemently lashed out at Saudi Arabian flagrant interference in Syrias' own affairs and its barbaric, all-out support to the Wahhabi Al-Qaeda affiliates in their savage and cannibalistic slaughter of Syrian people.
Saudi's insane and chronically-diseased Saud al-Faisal can't decide the future of Syria and Syrians, as the U.S. has been for decades the decision-maker and master of the Saudi Kingdom.T

he Saudi Monarchy should work for the betterment of the life of the majority of its oppressed citizens, and not for the worsening of Syrians' existence. The Kingdom of Saud could start first by allowing Saudi women to drive cars.


It is indeed high time that the Saudi monarchy stopped the distortion of the true face of Islam as the religion of amity, tolerance and life, not of death and swords. It is high time that al-Saud refrained from its terrorist policy against many Arab countries, including Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya. This outdated monarchy is all but responsible for the destruction of the Arab Nation as well as for every terrorist working under the false pretext of Islam worldwide, long before the September 11, 2001 in the U.S.


Tranlsated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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