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Doctors Found Executed in Regime-Controlled Damascus

Two doctors found dead in Cornish al-Midan, as regime accuses terrorists and rebels of assassination
Doctors Found Executed in Regime-Controlled Damascus

Unidentified gunmen have assassinated the owner of al-Mahayni hospital, Dr. Ayman Mahayni, in al-Midan neighborhood of Damascus last night. Mahayni’s son, Dr. Mohammed, and his bodyguard were also among the dead.

The victims were found dead in Cornish al-Midan, near the regime-held ath-Thuraiyah region, the Midan Media Office confirmed.

The Office reported the bodies were discovered in an area surrounded by Nahir Aisha, Bawabat al-Midan and Abu Habel – areas under regime and People Protection Committee control.

Sources close to the Syrian regime accuse terrorists of being behind the assassination, while pro-regime social networking pages posted pictures of the two doctors, accusing rebels of carrying out the attack.

Dr. Ayman was a popular figure in the neighborhood, well known for his charity work.

In June 2012, doctor and human rights activist Adnan Wahbeh was also assassinated by regime forces inside his clinic in Douma city.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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