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Divorce Cases Mount Among Syrians in Sweden

The divorce rate among Syrian refugees in Sweden is rising, with some using it as a way to get out of forced marriage reports Zaman Al Wasl.
Divorce Cases Mount Among Syrians in Sweden

As a result of the changing social conditions and the psychological pressure, as well as the difference in laws between Sweden and Syria, divorce rates among refugees have steadily increased.

Iman Shahoud, a Syrian legal advisor and former jurist in Aleppo,  said that a variety of factors have contributed to the increase of divorce cases among refugees in Sweden, including the freedom that allowed some women to get out of forced marriages for example. These cases can also be the result of financial greed, with the husband wishing to remain in control of the financial aids provided by the state to the wife. Usually, this leads to disputes between the spouses, which in turn lead to divorce. 

Most Syrians who arrived in Sweden were asylum seekers who fled the Syrian War that began nine years ago. 

According to statistics, of the 120,000 Syrians who settled in Sweden, 50,000 of them are women. 

The social climate in Europe, which accepts divorced women and gives them comprehensive guarantees and rights, has encouraged Syrian women to seek divorce and choose to live independently, whether with or without their children. 

Shahoud pointed out that some divorce cases among refugees and immigrants in Europe are unfortunately counterfeit and cases of fraud against the host countries. Some spouses agree to get a divorce and perhaps registering it in the state, when in reality it’s a scheme to obtain two separate houses and additional salaries and guarantees. According to her, this reflects the greed and exploitation of the laws of the country in order to increase income.

Judge Mohamed Nour Hamidi, Secretary-General of the Syrian Justice Rally, indicated that the transition of the Syrian family from a semi-closed society to an open one and the absolute freedom it allows away from restrictions, customs, traditions, religious and social barriers, as well as financial sufficiency and independence, has empowered the Syrian woman. This paved the way for extensive differences that can often lead to divorce.


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