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Desert on Fire: Pro-Regime Fighters Killed by Unknown Assailants

More pro-regime fighters were killed by ISIS in the Syrian Badia, according to SY-24.
Desert on Fire: Pro-Regime Fighters Members Killed by Unknown Assailants
Desert on Fire: Pro-Regime Fighters Killed by Unknown Assailants

Sources interested in documenting the deaths of fighters of the Syrian regime and its allies confirmed the killing and wounding of several pro-regime members and militias in separate attacks by groups believed to belong to ISIS.  

According to the sources, surprise attacks by unidentified gunmen targeting regime members and supporting militias in the Syrian Badia area resulted in significant casualties.  

The sources indicated that the dead were fighters among the Liwa al-Quds militia, the National Defense militia, as well as a number of members of the regime’s forces.  

The clashes focused on more than one axis in Syria’s Badia, where ISIS is significantly active, the sources said.

Other sources, according to SY24, reported that the regime’s losses were significantly concentrated in the Rusafa desert in Raqqa governorate in eastern Syria.  

Pro-regime sources claimed that several ISIS members were killed in the al-Rusafa battles at the beginning of Raqqa. They pointed out that Russian planes took part in the fighting that has been ongoing for five days, in conjunction with the arrival of huge reinforcements of regime forces in various areas in the Syrian Badia.  

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A few days ago, members of the Syrian regime were killed and wounded by a landmine explosion in the Syrian badia area.   

In related news, the sources pointed to the escalation of attacks by groups likely belonging to ISIS in the Syrian badia, stating that these attacks are taking place despite the combing operations by Russia and pro-regime groups in the Badia area.   

Since the middle of February, regime forces have been trying to carry out combing operations in the Syrian desert, but the organization’s cells have repeatedly targeted its military convoys in the area.


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