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Death Toll in Syria Surpasses 130,000

More than half the number of killed are fighters from both sides
Death Toll in Syria Surpasses 130,000

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says it has documented the deaths of 130,433 people since the outbreak of the Syrian revolution in March, 2011.


The Observatory said most of those killed are fighters from different parties, according to a new statics published Thursday.
46, 266 civilians, 52,290 regime fighters and its armed allies, 29,083 opposition fighters and jihadists, along with 2,794 unknown persons have been killed.


The Observatory said that these numbers cover the period from 18 March, 2011 to 31 December, 2013.


7,014 boys and 4,695 girls are among the civilian victims.


Regime losses include 32,013 soldiers and 19,729 National Defense Committee members, 262 Hezbollah fighters and 286 fighters from none-Syrian Shiite militias.


There are 17,000 persons detained in regime prisons and more than 6,000 persons from regime forces and its allies are captured by opposition forces, it said, particularly by ISIS and Nusra Front forces.




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