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Damascus Faces Shiite Conversion Amid Iranian Influence

Coordination Committee of Muhajireen claims Damascus experiences are indications of "Iranian occupation" with some neighborhoods converted into "Shiite settlements"
Damascus Faces Shiite Conversion Amid Iranian Influence

The Assad regime shows little concern over the systematic Shiite conversion of Damascene landmarks by Iranian-backed militias, as their power steadily increases along with their role in the Syrian conflict.

According to the Coordination Committee of Muhajireen Neighborhood, Damascus experiences the indications of "Iranian occupation", while a number of neighborhoods in the capital have been converted into "Shiite settlements", as is the case in the central neighborhood of Zine al-Abidine.
 The Committee reported that Shiite songs have become prevalent in the city, in addition to the "green bundles" and "Ali's sword", both Shiite symbols, which identify local shabeeha.

The Committee mentioned that aspects of Iranian interference have become clear even in the economy, where Iranian goods labeled in Persian are abundant in Damascus marketplaces. The Committee also recently reported a news article indicating the regime intention to teach Shiite doctrines in religious education curricula in schools and universities.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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