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Damascus Urges International Action Against Israeli Aggression, Advocates for Syrian Refugee Rights at UN Session

Syria criticized Western nations for politicizing Syria's humanitarian issues by imposing preconditions and not fulfilling their commitments to humanitarian project

Al-Hakam Dandi, the acting Charge d’Affaires of Syria’s delegation to the United Nations, expressed regret over the 50-day delay in achieving a temporary and partial ceasefire following Israeli attacks on Gaza, which he described as a brutal campaign involving war crimes and crimes against humanity.

Dandi highlighted the ongoing Israeli military actions in Syrian territories, including a recent strike on Damascus International Airport. He urged the UN Security Council to condemn these actions, halt them, and hold the responsible parties accountable for escalating tensions in the region, as discussed during a UNSC session on Syria’s humanitarian and political situation.

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Regarding the situation of Syrian refugees, Dandi stated that Syria is ready to welcome back all displaced persons and refugees, ensuring them all rights as per the national Constitution. He emphasized that countries that previously supported terrorism should not obstruct Syria’s efforts to reintegrate these individuals, and should aid in mine clearance and early recovery projects.

Dandi criticized Western nations for politicizing Syria’s humanitarian issues by imposing preconditions and not fulfilling their commitments to humanitarian projects. He accused the U.S. of continuing hostile policies against Syrian people, including plundering resources, supporting separatist militias, and using terrorist groups in the al-Tanf region to destabilize the country.

In conclusion, Dandi called for Western countries to reevaluate their antagonistic policies towards Syria and to adopt a more humanitarian and political approach that respects Syria’s sovereignty, independence, and territorial integrity.


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