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Criminal Issues Amnesty: Renewed Demonstrations in Suweida

The peaceful popular movement in Suweida has now entered its fourth month, Baladi News reminds.

The people of the Suweida governorate persist in organizing mass demonstrations, calling for the ousting of Bashar al-Assad and his regime, and the adherence to UN Resolution 2254 for the realization of a political transition in Syria.

On Sunday morning, November 19th, dozens of protesters congregated in a central demonstration at al-Karama Square in the city center, vocalizing anti-regime sentiments, notably chanting, “The people want the fall of the regime.”

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According to a correspondent from Baladi News in Suweida, Karama Square played host to delegations from Shahba City and neighbouring villages. They displayed numerous banners emphasizing the demand for rights, encouraging peaceful participation, and underscoring the commitment to ongoing demonstrations.

The demonstrators displayed banners, some of which conveyed messages such as: “The priority is to implement the decision of the Court of Justice issued on 19/11/2023 – the most beautiful thing about the homeland, the airport that brings me back home – I look at my homeland, my pierced heart, my soul is stuck in the spirit of my country – His highness dreams of pardoning himself – the biggest criminal in history who issues an amnesty.”

The peaceful popular movement in Suweida has now entered its fourth month, witnessing a surge in participants advocating for the downfall of the regime, the trial of Bashar al-Assad, and the realization of UN Resolution 2254. This resolution ensures a peaceful transfer of power through democratic elections, supervised by the United Nations.


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