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Coordination Committee: Jihad a Door to Ending Injustice

Statement by Coordination Committee calls for rebels to be accurate in attacking regime targets
Coordination Committee: Jihad a Door to Ending Injustice

A group of Coordination Committees in regime-held areas in Aleppo issued a statement saying that jihad is not a door of injustice, but a door to end injustice.


"The jihadists are your sons and brothers. They are fighting for your religion, your lives, your honor and your money, for all that is precious and expensive", the statement said.


"You are the trustees before God and people on everything related to your brothers in religion, life, honor and property. Obey your Almighty Lord, whom you ask for victory and help. Always consult the sheikhs before you carry out any action that could hurt the innocent, and consequently invalidate your jihad. Remember that knowledge is light and ignorance is a trap of Satan and injustice is darkness on the Day of Resurrection.


“Our heroes and brothers, we remind you that the blood of Muslims and their money are sacred in Islam, they are protected by God, they cannot be wasted, unless for legitimized reasons", the statement added.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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