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Coordination Commission Will Not Attend Kazakhstan Dialogue

Commission head stresses delegation will not be sent to any dialogue conducted by Kazakhstan
Coordination Commission Will Not Attend Kazakhstan Dialogue

Head of the National Coordination Commission Hassan AbdulAzim announced the Commission has not and will not go to Kazakhstan, as it is currently working on preparations for a national conference of the opposition in Cairo, with the participation of all democratic forces.

AbdulAzim said in a telephone call with Rozena that the Russians are still clinging to a political solution in Syria through negotiations, according to the Geneva I statement.

"The Russians will not allow the fall of the regime as a result of an armed conflict or outside interference, especially as Moscow lost a lot due to the military solution in Iraq and Libya and it does not want to lose Syria", AbdulAzim added.

"The problem in Syria is the lack of will among the militants in power to find a political solution in Syria as the military solution and the armed conflict failed.

"Unfortunately, the regime's delegation headed by Bashar al-Jaafari missed an opportunity for a solution, despite the mobilization for the political solution, and Russia’s conviction that the document submitted by the participant opposition delegations was an historic opportunity to see a united opposition", AbdulAzim explained.

Seven Syrian opposition figures recently sent an official letter to the Kazakh President, Nursultan Nazarbayev, asking him to mediate in the negotiations to settle the conflict in Syria, according to Novosti Russian news agency.

The letter stressed that Kazakhstan can contribute in conducting a dialogue between the various the opposition to restore peace to Syria.

The signatories requested the Kazakh president to invite representatives of the Syrian opposition to Kazakhstan to continue the efforts shaped in the Moscow meetings.

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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