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Continuous Bombardments on Idleb as the Regime Advances in Southern Idleb

Following the capture of Khan Sheikhoun, the regime is continuing to advance, laying siege to the town of Taman’a reports Alsouria Net.
Continuous Bombardments on Idleb as the Regime Advances in Southern Idleb

Syrian regime warplanes carried out a number of air raids on the city of al-Taman’a in the southern Idleb countryside along with an attempt by its forces to storm the town.

The Director of the Idleb Media Center, Obeidah al-Fadel, told Alsouria Net on Thursday that the town of Taman’a had been under siege from three sides, with Assad’s forces trying to advance multiple times from multiple directions, but they failed.

Coinciding with the attempts by Assad’s forces to advance, Idleb city’s environs have witnessed bombardments by Russian warplanes, with vacuum bombs hitting the eastern outskirts of the city, according to the Idleb Media Center, which reported the deaths of three civilians (two men and a woman) as a result of the Russian bombardment with rockets on the town of Alteh south of Idleb.

The pro-regime Sham FM radio announced that the regime had advanced in southeastern Idleb, with Assad’s forces taking control over the town of al-Khowein and al-Zarour after fighting with rebel groups in the areas.

The town of Maarat Nouman meanwhile has seen heavy bombardments by regime warplanes since Wednesday, which has killed 13 people including six children and wounded more than 28.

The northern Hama countryside and the southern Idleb countryside have seen a heavy military campaign carried out by Syrian regime forces with Russian backing since April, with forces advancing on the ground and taking control over various strategic areas, including the city of Khan Sheikhoun in the southern Idleb countryside.

There have been reports of Assad’s forces blockading the ninth Turkish observation point in Morek and bombing it, but Turkey denied that the point was under siege and stressed that it was eager to protect Turkish soldiers in the area.

The United Nations estimates that 500 civilians have been killed in northwestern Syria since April and that more than 440,000 have been displaced to northern parts of Idleb and to camps on the border with Turkey, amid reports of a weak humanitarian response to the displacement crisis.


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