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Condemnation of the Execution of the Child Mohammad Qatta

LCCs call for full investigation over the execution of 14-year-old Mohammad Katta
Condemnation of the Execution of the Child Mohammad Qatta

The Local Coordination Committees in Syria condemn the heinous crime committed in the city of Aleppo that claimed the life of 14-year-old Mohammed Qatta.


The LCCs also deplore any justification or rumors repeated by some in order to cover up the ugliness of this crime, which is rejected under all religious, ethical and international laws.


In condemning this crime, we call on Judiciary Council and all working on securing liberated areas to investigate and reveal the circumstances of this crime, and refer the criminal perpetrators to courts to receive just punishment.


We hold the Syrian National Coalition fully responsibility for failing to adequately manage liberated areas and maintain the security of its citizens, by simply sending statements of condemnation.


A revolution carried out for freedom, dignity and justice and for justice for the offenders in the regime and its dictatorship, cannot accept any justification for such human rights violations under any pretext. Some day, all who carried out criminal acts against innocent Syrians will be referred to courts of justice.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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