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Coalition to Reform its Political Wing

SNC drafts new plan outlining responsibilities of the Coalition's political assembly
Coalition to Reform its Political Wing

The Syrian National Coalition has drafted a plan to reform the organization’s duties and their execution.

Zaman al-Wasl obtained an exclusive draft plan for reshaping and reforming the Coalition’s political assembly, consisting of the president and his deputies – along with the secretary-general – with the remaining 15 members secretly elected from nominated members of the general assembly.

The plan states the members of the SNC’s political wing should be committed to the assembly as full-time employees, also electing a secretary to facilitate the assembly’s duties and communicate with other divisions of the Syrian National Coalition.

The SNC’s political body will meet every 10 days, while urgent meetings are called upon the president’s request and a third of the assembly’s members, while the quorum would be considered completed when the majority of members attend. Full-time members of the political body would receive a monthly lump-sum payment determined by the presidency panel.

As the political assembly is elected from the general assembly of the National Coalition, it is responsible for shaping the Coalition’s political agenda, strategic future vision and the execution of its plans, alongside other duties.

The political assembly will forward plans to the general assembly for approval or modification. The political assembly will be responsible for implementing the approved plans and suggestions.

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