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Coalition President Visits Defected Officers’ Camp

Bahra met Colonel Riad Al-Asaad
Coalition President Visits Defected Officers’ Camp

The president of the Syrian National Coalition, Hadi al-Bahra, visited the defected officers camp near the city of Antakya in southern Turkey


Bahra met Colonel Riad Al-Asaad, the leader and founder of the Free Syrian Army, at his residence in the camp, in addition to several other dissident officers.


Bahra listened to the officers and their suggestions for improving the revolutionary state, while Colonel Asaad confirmed the need to understand the next stage and avoid previous mistakes, to correct the path of the Free Syrian Army and to meet the needs and experiences of the  Syrian people. He said competent and honest people should be selected to carry the burden of the next stage.


Observers believe that this visit expresses an intention to start a new phase in the Coalition and adopt new policies to improve the relationship between the political wing and the military wing of the Syrian revolution. They said the president's visit is considered the first step in activating these officers after they were hindered by the various parties to get them out from the military equation on the ground, saying it was a a positive move. 


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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