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Coalition Members Call for Haraki’s Dismissal

Calls within the Coalition to dismiss Suleiman al-Haraki following his statements on the massacre in al-Maboujah by ISIS forces
Coalition Members Call for Haraki’s Dismissal

There are calls within the Syrian National Coalition to dismiss Suleiman al-Haraki in response to his comments on the massacre committed by ISIS in al-Maboujah village in the countryside of Hama, an official source inside the Coalition has said.

Coalition member Samir Nashar explained to al-Souria Net that a number of members within the Coalition are calling to freeze the membership of Haraki until the General Commission of the Coalition holds its next meeting. The General Commission is the sole authority with the power to dismiss Haraki.

ISIS forces stormed al-Maboujah village in the countryside of Hama on March 30, killing dozens of civilians including women, children and elderly. The final number of victims is still unknown, though opposition sources claim around 40 people were killed, while the fate of dozens of others remains unknown.

National Coalition member Haraki announced on his Facebook page shortly after the massacre that he supported ISIS storming the village. "Some are brazenly mourning the Alawite village of al-Maboujah, which had been stormed by ISIS. Those same persons will mourn Qardahah and Sahlab if they were stormed, too. Hypocrisy and lying have become a religion for those who claim loyalty to the opposition", Haraki wrote.

Haraki's statements raised a wave of discontent and criticism on the Coalition, where the Coordination Committee of as-Salamiyah city sent a message to the Coalition denouncing Haraki's statements, and demanding the Coalition take a position in response to his claims.

Sources from within as-Salamiyah city confirmed to al-Souria Net that the regime ignored the ISIS advance towards al-Maboujah. A citizen from as-Salamiyah claimed regime forces were aware of ISIS progress towards al-Maboujah, but "these forces did not move though the village only 20 minutes away from as-Salamiyah, five minutes away from Sabboura and three minutes away from Aqareb, where the regime has troops and tanks positioned in these three areas".

Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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