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Bread Costs 10 SP a Bag, Half Served as Fodder

State bakeries committee head Ali Ibrahim Ali dismisses rumors of a bread crisis in the country
Bread Costs 10 SP a Bag, Half Served as Fodder

Head of the state bakeries committee Ali Ibrahim Ali revealed that "there is no bread crisis in Syria," as some claim, but said there is a there is delay in delivery of flour to some bakeries in Damascus countryside.


The delay led to the closure of some six bakeries in Mileha and one in Irbin, Ali said, which were providing some villages east of Damascus and some quarters of the city itself with bread.


This led to the need for some bakeries to double their production, Ali said.


In a statement to Al-Watan, Ali said rumors of a bread shortage prompted some residents, who would normally consume one or two bread packages a day, to buy five to seven last week.


Ali asked for awareness and patience, telling those who were purchasing more than they need that "there is no crisis and no fear that there will be."


Ali said the amount residents need is provided, adding that  there are huge reserves of bread and flour, and that the current season is good.


He said the grain producers had received large amounts of wheat lately and that bread production capacity was high.


"The flour shortage related to bakeries in Damascus and its countryside is about 100 tons daily. The total share for both regions is 533 tons, with Damascus using 338 tons and the countryside using around 195 tons."


Ali revealed that during his inspections of bakeries he had noted that some "25% of bread is being consumed as animal fodder," and that the average price of a bag of bread is 15 SP. However, he noted that some people were selling at  45 SP a bag, only to be used as fodder.


Ali said that this was considered a crime, given one bag bread costs 10 SP and state is subsidizing the cost heavily.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer



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