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Bouthaina Shaaban’s Fear of Hezbollah

Shaaban indicated the regime would not have survived without the help of Hezbollah and Iran
Bouthaina Shaaban’s Fear of Hezbollah

The Vice President of the Coalition, Noura al-Amir has said she was not surprised by the "Assad regime's rush to publicly recant statements from the political chancellor of Bashar Assad, Bouthaina Shaaban on her official Facebook page.


"This is normal," Amir said, "the slave cannot rebel against his master, even if he angered him sometimes. In the end, the political slaves cannot but obey their masters."


In a statement to the Media Office of the Coalition, Amir added that Shaaban appeared in the media, including al-Mayadin TV and Al-Manar TV, in a live broadcast from Syria that was stopped by the Assad regime.


The regime denied what she said on her official Facebook page, saying that "some friendly stations (referring to Al-Manar and al-Mayadin) have recently broadcast interviews and reports that somehow suggest that Syria would not have survived without the support of so or so states and parties (referring to  terrorist militias of Hezbollah and Iran."


The Vice President of the Coalition considered Assad's regime denial for such statements as a "confession, without doubt, that what is happening in Syria is an external occupation by Iran and Hezbollah, who used Assad and his regime as a killing machine against Syrians."


Amir added that Shaaban's denial shows that the credit for the survival of Assad's regime until now is due to the mercenaries of Hassan Nasrallah, and not to the quarter of a million martyrs killed by Assad's explosive barrels and chemical weapons."


Amir concluded her statement by saying that "It is strange how Assad and his followers hurry to deny some words posted on Facebook, words that may provoke the wrath of his masters, while they do not lift a finger to deny or explain why his troops use explosive barrels, toxic gases and chemical weapons to kill civilians in Daraya, Harasta, Kafr Zeita and other cities."


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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