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Bahra Fights for Establishment of Independent Bodies

Hadi al-Bahra has proffered Tunisia and Egypt as examples of how a constitution can include provisions for the affairs of refugees and issues related to human rights reports Baladi News.
Bahra Fights for Establishment of Independent Bodies

The co-chair of the Constitutional Committee, Hadi al-Bahra, defended the proposal of the Syrian Negotiation Committee (SNC), which represented the Syrian opposition in the fourth round of the meetings of the Constitutional Committee in Geneva, to induct constitutional articles into the Syrian constitution that allow for the establishment of independent bodies to take care of the affairs of the refugees and displaced persons, as well as the establishment of the National Commission for Human Rights, which deals with the issue of detainees, the missing, and the forcibly disappeared.

On his personal Facebook page, Bahra published pictures of constitutional articles from two Arab countries that witnessed revolutions during the Arab Spring, and wrote, commenting on the two pictures, “Useful information for those who criticized or feared that members of the Constitutional Committee of the SNC were suggesting that the desired future draft constitution should include constitutional articles that allow the issuance of laws.”

In the same post, it was considered that countries that have gone through revolutions, wars or conflicts had constitutions that included special chapters or constitutional articles regarding the definition and creation of independent bodies, to be formed later by the power of laws. Two examples were given: the Tunisian Constitution, enacted in 2014, and the Egyptian Constitution and its amendments of 2019.


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