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Baath Party to Hold National Conference

The party conference will discuss the posts for General Secretary and President of the leadership committee
Baath Party to Hold National Conference

Informed sources have confirmed to Damas Post that the national leadership of Socialist Arab Baath Party has officially invited members of the leadership committee to attend the eleventh national party conference, to be held next week.


Sources said on the agenda for discussion are the posts of President and General Secretary of the committee, along with the duties and authorities of each post. This is scheduled in the organizational report for the meeting, along with the economic and political reports, which will be discussed in detail, the sources said.


The aim, the sources said, is to choose new young leadership to serve alongside older, experienced participants, the sources said.


Sources also noted that nominees for the post of General Secretary include Wael al-Halqi, Adel Safr, Adnan al-Sukhni and Omran al-Zoubi.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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