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Atassi Denies Meeting Regime Figures in Moscow

ACU chief says delegation related to aid delivery only
Atassi Denies Meeting Regime Figures in Moscow

The head of the Aid Coorination Unit (ACU), the Syrian National Coalition-affiliated body for relief and humanitarian support, Suhair Atassi has denied accusations she travelled to Moscow to meet with Syrian regime officials.


In an interview, Atassi rejected media reports that she had accompanied Coalition officials on meetings with regime figures in preparation for the proposed Geneva II summit.


Atassi confirmed that the Coalition has agreed in principle to send a technical delegation from the ACU to prepare arrangements related to facilitating the delivery of relief convoys to besieged areas of Syria.


She said the meeting will be in the presence of delegations from specialized international organizations, including the International Red Cross, and in the presence of a delegation from the Syrian Red Crescent, in order to force the regime to apply the decisions adopted.


Meanwhile, a Russian source close to the meetings between Russia , the U.S and the U.N. in Geneva, said that the international peace conference on Syria, which was anticipated to be in November, will not take place before December.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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