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Assad, Putin confirm bolstering ties further

Putin calls Assad and stresses Russia's support for the Syrian people's will
Assad, Putin confirm bolstering ties further

President Bashar Al-Assad on Thursday received a phone call from Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin in which the latter stressed Russia's support for the Syrian people's will.


During the phone call both leaders  discussed  the efforts being exerted to find a solution to the crisis in Syria particularly as far as the proposed Geneva conference is concerned.


Putin appreciated the  Syrian government's stance seeking to make a success of the said efforts.


"I hope that all other sides take constructive positions in this regard, expressing his concern over the acts of violence committed by the extremists against the Syrian civilians, "stressed Putin.


"As the Syrians are only to determine their country's future, Russia supports the Syrian people's will and lauds their  steadfastness in the face of what they are being exposed to, "underscored Putin.


President Al-Assad thanked the Russian government  for aiding the Syrian people and for its rejection of the continued attempts at foreign intervention in their internal affairs 


Both Presidents confirmed they intend to foster bilateral relations further in the interest of their two friendly peoples.


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