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Assad May Contribute to Construction of New Syria: Brahimi

Brahimi says Assad believes his candidacy for the presidency is a "birthright"
Assad May Contribute to Construction of New Syria: Brahimi

The Arab and U.N. envoy to Syria Lakhdar Brahimi said he believes President Bashar Assad can contribute to building a new republic in Syria.


In an interview with French JeuneAfrique magazine, Brahimi said that there are talks about the role Assad could played in the transition from the regime left by his father, the late Hafez Assad, to a new republic.


The U.N. envoy also believes that the Russian-American agreement on destroying Syrian chemical weapons has turned Assad from "marginalized" position to a "partner" and led to the strengthening of the position of his supporters.


Brahimi added that many of those around Assad "see in his candidacy (for a new term in 2014) something inevitable, and he sees it a birthright".


Brahimi said Assad believes he is right and that he is still able to overcome the crisis. Brahimi stressed, however, that there is no chance to go back after such crises taking place in Syria.


The U.N. confirmed on Tuesday night that Brahimi will meet the Syrian president during his current visit to Damascus in addition to other senior officials and representatives of the internal opposition.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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