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Assad Kills, Humiliates His Supporters

Assad uses the soldiers of his sect and left brigades under resourced to fight the Islamic State
Assad Kills, Humiliates His Supporters

What did Assad's regime give to his supporters and defenders throughout the years of the revolution? The regime has never put them in the place they deserve.


In the rebel-held areas, the regime treats supporters and opponents equally. Assad bombards randomly, so that the homes of both the opponents and supporters, or even Shabbiha are destroyed.


He has cut the electricity from some of the regions surrounding the city of Edlib for over a year and a half. Some residents in those areas were his supporters, and now stay isolated from the world, without electricity, phones, basic materials and schools. Even if the supporters in those regions wanted to know about the supernatural "victories" of the Syrian army, they would never be able to.


The regiome has imposed a total isolation that it has never been motivated to break.


Assad has fought using the youth of his sect, but he never buried or honored them in the proper way. The parents from his sect are sacrificing their sons to protect Bashar Assad who sends them to their death, then sends Asma Assad meets the mothers of the martyrs in her luxurious palace with her elegant and expensive cloths. She hugs them and finishes her marketing role just like any actress.


Assad uses his army as fuel for his famous statement: Either me or terrorism will survive. He sends his soldiers to useless battles, ignoring their and their families destinies.


After he attacked the moderate opposition in Qalamon, using all his strength and all the strength of Hezbollah and Iran, he deprived the 17th Brigade from the proper reinforcements, leading them to hell in their battle with the Islamic State, and ignoring their slaughter and torture. Documents revealed that  the officers of the 17th Brigade knew about the Islamic State's attack, but the regime didn’t respond to their calls, leaving at least 105 soldiers to be killed of executed, among them, at least 16 officers, while another 140 are still missing after 13 raids on the brigade locations. The regime disappeared suddenly, giving the Islamic State the chance to tighten its siege.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

Even in the captives exchange deals, the Syrian regime ignored the Syrian captives when he exchanged 2130 detainees with 48 Iranians or when he exchanged 153 female detainees with the nuns of Mar Taqla in Maloula. The other deals are just exception that are not enough for those who sacrifice their lives for Assad.
I would like to conclude with a message written by a pro-regime girl addressing Assad through her Facebook page: "Mr. president: I am trying my best to believe that you didn’t hear about the leaders in the army responsible of aimlessly selling or losing tens of military locations and thousands of soldiers. Please give me hope to believe that you have no relation to their rise in ranks. How much do I dream that you don’t know that they steal even the food of the soldier who protects the country and protects them. Please Mr. president tell me you don’t know that leaders in the army have left hundreds of soldiers besieged by the armed forces, without supporting them, withdrawing them or caring about their fate. Tell us that you will launch an investigation to know those who hold the responsibly, and that you will not hesitate in punishing them, that you have the courage to resign from the army as every honorable military man will do…".
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