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Assad Forces Prepare for Hama Offensive: Regime Military Source

Brigade 87 witnesses massive build-up of army and pro-regime fighters in anticipation for advance on Hama's countryside, says defected sergeant
Assad Forces Prepare for Hama Offensive: Regime Military Source

Regime forces are preparing a massive military operation in the province of Hama, specifically the al-Ghab plain in the western countryside as well as the province’s eastern fronts, al-Souria Net correspondent Hassan Omari reported.

Omari stressed that regime forces in the western countryside of Hama have transformed the municipal stadium in Salhab into a base for troops arriving at Hama Military Airport, adding that the regime has turned Brigade 87 in the eastern countryside of Hama into a hub to assemble military vehicles and a rehabilitation center for large numbers of National Defense Force militia.

In the same context, sergeant Abu Ahmed who defected from Brigade 87 on September 25, said the Brigade is now under the command of Russian officers and military experts, adding in a statement to al-Souria Net that the Brigade has recently been reinforced by military vehicles and volunteers.

Brigade 87 currently has nearly 2,000 fighters, as well as 33 tanks and 25 BMB vehicles, according to a dissident army sergeant, confirming the brigade has been assembled on orders from officials in Damascus. The sergeant added that he is yet to receive information regarding the mission of the military preparations.

Free Syrian Army (FSA) sources reported the regime is moving troops on daily basis from Hama Military Airport and areas in the northern and western countryside of Homs towards al-Ghab Plain, specifically Salhab city.

According to an FSA information and monitoring team, 13 military convoys have arrived at al-Ghab Plain between September  6-28, at a rate of 15 tanks and 10 BMB vehicles in each convoy, in addition to hundreds of vehicles carrying militants.

This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer

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