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Assad Fans Campaign for Syrian Governor in Hatay

Campaigners want a Syrian mayor to govern Syrian Sanjak of Alexandretta
Assad Fans Campaign for Syrian Governor in Hatay

The latest in a series of endless gags from Assad fans, who used to be known as “Menhabkjiyah” (roughly translated as the “We love you crowd”) is a strange Facebook campaign to demand the appointment of a Syrian "Governor for the Sanjak of Alexandretta".


Aside from a demand to appoint a governor, they hope that Syria will dominate all Syrian lands. After the greediness of the Turks, Ataturk’s descendants  want to restore their lost empire and glory, according to the campaigners.


Strangely, campaign organizers remembered  Sanjak of Alexandretta now, after more than 70 years of is occupation by Turkey and 15 years after the Syrian Regime sold it to Turkey.


The campaigner also say  Erdogan’s gangs and his Justice and Development Party "have always sought to intervene in the internal affairs of Syria under excuses like fear and concern for the Syrian people's best interests, saying they aim to protect them."


They called for rejecting the mandate on Syrian territory and the return the Sanjak to Syria.


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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