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Assad Meets with Economic Players: “Deep Dialogue on Ukraine Crisis”

Assad promised that intensive meetings with economic actors will be held to deal with the Ukraine crisis, according to Shaam Network.
Assad Meets with Economic Players: "Deep Dialogue on Ukraine Crisis"
Assad Meets with Economic Players: “Deep Dialogue on Ukraine Crisis”

President Bashar al-Assad met with a number of media and economic figures as part of a series of meetings to manage the economic issues in areas of regime control. A media official among the attendees posted a picture that he said was after “a deep dialogue on the crisis in Ukraine.” 

According to Ziad Ghosn, director of the al-Wahda Printing and Publishing Foundation, the meeting with the regime’s head included “a deep dialogue on the crisis in Ukraine and Syria’s position on the Russian military operation,” according to a brief post by the Assad regime’s media official. 

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The photo, posted through the media office’s Facebook account, shows Assad in the middle of media and economic figures and officials at the presidential palace. Ghosn, far left, appeared in the image spotted by the Shaam News Network. 

In related news,  Sowt al-Asima said that in the last short period, a series of secret meetings took place. One meeting was attended by Bashar al-Assad, and another took place in the presence of a group of ministers and directors of government institutions, with the economic committee charged with managing the country economically during the period of the Russian war on Ukraine. 

Sources were quoted as saying that the head of the regime-held a meeting with senior advisers at the Presidential Palace, led by experts and economic advisers, during which he instructed to hold “intensive” meetings between economic committees and senior regime officials. 

Sources stated that the advisors of the terrorist Bashar held a series of governmental economic meetings, which took place in two phases, the first is small, during which a plan was developed to reduce expenditures, legalize the use of oil derivatives, and set controls for the flow of food supplies in the markets, provided that the duration of implementation of this phase is 3 months from the date of the meeting. 

The economic team in charge of managing the economic issue during the war in Ukraine appealed to traders and industrialists in all Syrian governorates to stand by the government in the current period. This comes amid warnings of a decline in wheat stocks in Syria, due to several factors, most notably the suspension of supplies from Ukraine.


This article was translated and edited by The Syrian Observer. The Syrian Observer has not verified the content of this story. Responsibility for the information and views set out in this article lies entirely with the author.

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