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Asma Celebrating Daughter’s Birthday, A Slap in the Face for Syrians

The blood of the child victims of the chemical massacre in Ghouta had not yet dried when Bashar Assad's media staff leaked a picture of his wife and their family celebrating the tenth birthday of their daughter, Zain al-Sham
Asma Celebrating Daughter’s Birthday, A Slap in the Face for Syrians

The photograph, taken by Bashar Assad's pampered camera, showed Asma averting her face from the camera (and from the blood of Syrian children), gazing at her son, Hafez.


The president, who you might expect to have made an appearance in Damascus, came out of hiding for the birthday ceremony.


Zain al-Sham, the birthday girl, appears as she usually does in pictures; unsmiling, with the look of her grandmother Anisa, filled with hatred, promising a future in hatred ahea of her.


The family image is overshadowed by the luxury in which Asma and her family live, amid French lighting and luxurious western furniture. From the comfortable lounges to the clothes they are wearing, the image is striking given the circumstances Syrian are going through – resorting to living in caves and caverns, with seven million displaced and nearly 200,000 killed, the most recent of which were children who died of suffocation.


The Syrian media is in denial of the massacre to release this image as a document of the luxurious celebration of the birth of a child in the family which does not care about the death of thousands of Syrian children.


It is a slap in the face for Syrians!


Translated and edited by The Syrian Observer


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